EMPoffers a complete line of mobile pumpout units from our SaniSailor SlipMate Portable 30 gallon unit to our SaniSailor GoMate  for direct boat to hydrant (BTH) head systems.

SaniSailor SLIPMATE 30

SaniSailor_SlipMate30This tough little guy pumps out at 10-15 gpm with constant vacuum. Pumping into its self-contained 30 gallon tank, it is the perfect unit for any yacht club or marina desiring to offer the easiest and cleanest equipment without a large plumbing expense.

SaniSailor SlipMate Specs:
-30 gallon capacity
-10-15 gpm
-peristaltic pump
-1.5 hp TEFC motor
-all aluminum-framed cart
-12" pneumatic wheels
-trailer hitch
-cart dolly
-15 ft shore power cord with locking plug (115v ---10 amp)

SaniSailor DOCKMATE 55

SaniSailor_Dockmate55There are hundreds of these EMP workhorse portable units in operation throughout the US and abroad. Built on a stout tubular aluminum frame with 12 inch pneumatric tires and a 55 gallon holding capacity, the Dockmate will accomplish almost any pumpout job.

SaniSailor DockMate specs:
-55 gallon tank
-strong aluminum cart
-20-30 gpm flow rate
-2 hp TEFC motor
-15 ft shore-powered cord with locking plug. (115 v – 30       amp)
-self-contained hose rack
-12" pneumatic tires

SaniSailor GOMATE

If a central vacuum system is not practical, yet you want individual slipside service, then the GoMate is something to consider.

This golf cart mounted pump is perfect for pulling alongside a large yacht or houseboat, connecting the system’s discharge hose to the hydrant and the other end to the boats seawge fitting, and pumping directly from boat to hydrant (BTH). If plumbing the docks is impractical, order the GoMate with a 55 or 100 gallon holding tank.

GoMate specs:
-20-50 gpm flow rate
-standard dock golf cart
-30 gpm 50' vert. head/ or 20 gpm 200' vert. head systems
-all strong aluminum frames

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