With over 1500 systems in use worldwide, and a reputation for quality and reliability, SaniSailor is the most trusted name in marine pumpout systems.  The Sanisailor Sentinel Systems are designed for generating the vacuum and the lift for “point of pumpout” configurations. This means the system is typically located at the point of pumpout in the case of a single pumpout location, or within 100 ft. of a stanchion(s), when several pumpout  locations are required.

The Sentinel models are stationary systems. EMP offers four Sentinel models that are designed for different applications: The Sentinel SlipMate, M300, M500, & EV405.

-Continuous vacuum.
-Capacity rate from 10 to 60 gpm.
-Suction lift to 30 ft.
-Discharge head from 65 ft. to over 300 ft. vertically.

The Sentinel SlipSide

emp_sentinel_slipsideThe Sanisailor SlipSide & SlipMate (see mobile units)Pumpout models are for smaller marinas and yacht clubs where pumpouts are important but usage and volumes may be low.

The SlipSide series includes a stationary SaniSailor Sentinel SlipSide and the mobile SaniSailor SlipMate (P30). The SlipSide models use a slightly smaller peristaltic pump compared to the rest of the Sentinel Line.

The SlipSide operates perfectly in the 10-15 gallon range and is suitable for facilities with boats that have smaller holding tanks (30 – 60 gallon).

The SlipSide is ideal where a single pumpout location is needed. SaniSailor Sentinel SlipSide specs:

-15gpm max peristaltic pump
-1.5 hp TEFCmotor
-all aluminim frame
-sturdy pvc cover

The SaniSailor Sentinel M300

emp_sentinel_M300The M300, is designed for the most standard point of pumping application. Use the M300 with one pumpout location or several in close proximity, as on a fuel dock or convenience dock. The Sentinel M300 is designed for pumping out at up to 30 gpm, where the septic system is no more than 30 ft. above the system, (i.e. no more than 30 ft. of “dynamic head” or “vertical discarge.”)

Just like all other SaniSailor pumpout systems, the Sentinel M300 pulls a high vacuum of 29 inches of mercury, over 30 ft. of water.

The SaniSailor Sentinel M500

emp_sentinel_M500The Sentinel M500 is essentially a turbo version of the M300. It handles a greater “vertical discharge head” or, alternatively, can offer increased flow rate.

The M500 is a good choice when the vertical discharge head is between 30 and 65 ft.

Or, where there is less than 30 ft. of vertical discharge head, the M500 will provide maximum pumpout speed (up to 60 gpm) - a real benefit for larger holding tanks. SaniSailor M line specs:

-high capacity suction
-flow rates to 65 gpm
-compact dockside design

The SaniSailor Sentinel EV405

emp_sentinel_EV405The Sentinel EV405 achieves the same high vacuum as the the other Sentinel models, but with very high vertical discharge capacity. The EV405 can handle jobs that would otherwise require a separate lift station. Any vertical lift greater than 65 ft. above the pumpout location should use the Sentinel EV405.

-Vertical discharge of up to 350 ft. can be achieved with a single EV405.

-The EV405 can be factory set to pump out at a rate up to 35 gpm, depending on the vertical discharge required.

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