High Quality: Because they all meet FDA guidelines, 403 Polymer tested under EPA guidelines, 40CFR 300 Sub Part J. (NATIONAL SPILL PLAN), and contains no hazardous ingredients.

Effective: In just minutes they actually transform liquid hydrocarbons into a solid from which hydrocarbons do not leak.

Smart: Because the polymer does all the work, bonds only with free hydrocarbons, no mixing required, and only uses the amount of polymer required to stabilize the free hydrocarbons. The polymer will let you know when enough has been applied.

ENVIRO-BOND™403 is our most universal polymer formulation. It will absorb and bond crude oils, diesel fuel, gasolines and many other hydrocarbons. Unlike absorbents that are commonly used and messy to cleanup, ENVIRO-BOND™ is easy to use and makes cleanup much faster, easier, cleaner, and safer.

This technology was developed specifically to assist any company to meet higher environmental standards, also to reduce its liability through effectively reducing and stabilizing the hydrocarbon generated waste.

* loose particulate
* shakers & pour top containers
* pails
* cartons
* booms
* pads
* pillows with custom fabrications to fit your needs
* bulk quantity & blanket purchase orders available

ENVIRO-BOND™ is a special blend of polymers to meet your specific needs.

figure1 figure2 figure3

Figure 1 is a simulated oil spill in the soil. The cost and liability for this type of cleanup is very expensive, along with a history of environmental red tape.

Figure 2 is a simulated spill where soil was previously treated with ENVIRO-BOND™403. The bond was immediate. Within 2 minutes an impermtteable bonded matrix is formed and stopped further contamination from occurring.

Figure 3 is a simulated spill on a water surface. The spill was treated with ENVIRO-BOND™403 and in just 5 minutes it was removed without an oil sheen, or any free oil.


We know, based on multiple independent studies, that ENVIRO-BOND™ polymers are the highest quality products of their kind available in the world today. We strictly adhere to the principle that quality is never an accident. ENVIRO-BOND™ products reflect years of research and skillful development designed to exceed present day standards. Other spill products do not possess the innovative technology of ENVIRO-BOND™ and are truly not well designed, developed or researched, simply well marketed.

When evaluating ENVIRO-BOND™ on a price basis, it is important to remember that any other product on the market that even comes close to offering the overall benefits and effectiveness of ENVIRO-BOND™ will require at least four (4) or more times the amount of material to effectively encapsulate and solidify the same quantity of spilled hydrocarbon. Since you will need to use much less ENVIRO-BOND™, you will need to buy, handle and store much less sorbent product than with other products. As the amount of waste generated is significantly reduced, you will also haul, handle and dispose of much less waste mass than before. These factors combined with quick, effective and complete spill control/cleanup and tremendous labor reductions make ENVIRO-BOND™ an extremely cost effective cleanup product.

In addition to those benefits already discussed, ENVIRO-BOND™ polymers possess the unique ability to suppress the vapors of the encapsulated hydrocarbons. Furthermore, most products on the market will leach the product that they have absorbed back into the earth, ENVIRO-BOND™ will never release the encapsulated hydrocarbons.

It is also important to emphasize that ENVIRO-BOND™ 403 is hydrocarbon specific, i.e. it will only absorb and molecularly bond with the spilled hydrocarbon while repelling any water. Any uncontaminated polymer can be recaptured and reused, adding further to the cost benefits of the product.

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